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The borders of the San Francisco's Tenderloin have been rich with a history of art, music, and life. Over the years it has been gone through many transitions and is now is home to San Francisco’s poorest and most vulnerable residents. As one of the most affordable communities in the City, the Tenderloin has been a place where recent immigrants have been able to support their families by opening their own business with little capital but boundless energy.  Their livelihood is now threatened as San Francisco’s explosive growth is placing enormous pressure on these businesses, who have no protection again dislocation caused by increasing rents.

We want to change that ….

Our lending team wants to assure that San Francisco remains a place where immigrants can build a future life, where small growing businesses have a chance, and where the Tenderloin neighborhood meets the needs of its residents.

KIVA’s affordable financing gives Tenderloin businesses an important tool to stabilize and grow their business so they can prosper in the new economic reality. 

KIVA is a crowd sourced loan program that provides zero interest loans for borrowers. TEDP has helped over 25 businesses in the Tenderloin fund loans.