Support Lafayette Coffee Shop KIVA loan funding campaign!

Lafayette Coffee Shop, owned by Stanley and Stephanie Chan, is an old school American diner that has been an important neighborhood institution in the Tenderloin for 91 years. Stanley and Stephanie keep the menu as affordable as possible, which consists of complete meals under $9. Retirees and other low-income Tenderloin community members see the restaurant as their second home. Instead of eating at a meal program, customers prefer to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good home-cooked meal at Lafayette Coffee Shop, where they can eat in dignity and talk to their friends and neighbors.

Three months ago, the restaurant suffered the fate of many of San Francisco’s small businesses and was forced to move so their landlord could find a tenant that would pay higher rent. Luckily we were able to relocate the coffee shop to Little Saigon, at 611 Larkin Street, so it can stay open and serve the community.

 The move to their new location was very expensive, costing a total of $50,000. Stanley is seeking to fund a zero interest KIVA loan that he will use to offset a portion of these costs.

You can plan an important role in keeping restaurants like Lafayette Coffee Shop in the Tenderloin by loaning a minimum of $25 to Stanley through this link: