Community Outreach

Direct Engagement with Family- and Immigrant-owned Tenderloin Businesses

TEDP Community Outreach is the foundation of our partnership with the Tenderloin community. Our team's direct ongoing relationships with family- and immigrant-owned small business owners and managers allow TEDP to understand their needs on an individual level. With these relationships. Our community outreach informs impactful programs that speak to real concerns in the community, including targeted capital deployment and business advisory throughout the Tenderloin neighborhood. 

Analytic Research

Data-driven Community, Market, and Policy Research for the whole Tenderloin

TEDP Analytic Research converts the concerns of the Tenderloin neighborhood's business community into actionable intelligence and quantitative analysis. Our analyses synthesize information from TEDP Community Outreach, corporate, and government sources into assessments of business sentiment and neighborhood economic health focused on the whole Tenderloin.

Partners Network

Two decades in Partnership with Business, Community, and Elected Leaders of the Tenderloin

For nearly twenty years, TEDP has been a partner of the Tenderloin. From our start launching the Tenderloin Sidewalk Improvement Program ("TSIP") to our founding of the Tenderloin Community Benefit District ("TL CBD") to now, our partnerships span diverse Tenderloin community stakeholders including the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the St. Francis Foundation, and more. By bridging gaps between traditional stakeholders in the Tenderloin to find common purpose, we continue to unpack layered problems facing the community and create impact through positive individual outcomes at scale.