Since 1999, we’ve been dedicated to taking advantage of our resources to better the neighborhood.

North of Market Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (NOMNIC) is an organization which was created to start up and operate a sidewalk cleaning program. Its annual budget was contributed from foundations, DPW, property owners and businesses which enabled NOMNIC to operate this program for 6 years.

Acknowledging the need of economic development in the Tenderloin and getting support from the Haas Jr. Fund,  NOMNIC held three community workshops to obtain community input on Employment Development, Business Development and Quality of Life issues. As a result, the Tenderloin Revitalization and Reinvestment Implementation Project (“TRRIP”) Report came out and became the basis for the creation of the Tenderloin Economic Development Project (TEDP)

One of the principal conclusions of the Report is that TEDP should be an economic development facilitator, not a creator of new programs. Many programs already exist, and they need to be brought to the Tenderloin, or modified, to meet Tenderloin needs. Thus, TEDP is collaborating and coordinating with other organizations rather than creating new programs that require large staff capacity and duplicate services already in existence.